AirDrop is a gaming accessory company and we’re passionate about making world class gaming products that will improve your performance and experience like nothing else available.

Whether you’re just starting out as a gamer or have played FPS games for years, our products give equal advantage to all who use them. We take the fundamentals of speed, accuracy, and overall performance and enhance those key elements of your gameplay with industry exclusive solutions.

Gamer tested and approved, none of our products are released until we’re sure they meet the highest of expectations. We know they’ve improved our gameplay, and we’re confident they will improve yours. Check out our testimonials, and try the products yourself.

AirDrop Gaming. Advanced Warfare Outfitters.

Jack & Jill


AirDrop is a gaming was founded by Jack and Jill, two friends who love to spend thier time bounding through the air, hence the name, "Airdrop" gaming.

Sly Kitty Jones

Business Director

AirDrop's business direction comes from this cool cat. He really has it together when it comes to professional world know how and keeping the business ahead of the competition.

Piggy Pete

Creative Mind and Pro Gamer

AirDrop is run by gamers and makes products for gamers. Piggy Pete's creative skills and pro gaming status helps keep Airdrop ahead of the trends.

Floppy Poppy

Designer and Pro Gamer

AirDrop is was created by gamers, Floppy Poppy is a pro gamer as well as our top notch designer who undertands the needs of gamers.